John Connor | Terminator Salvation

“Last season we saw about 35,000 visitors, and we’re expecting that much or more this year,” rink general manager John Connor said. “Obviously since we’re down here at the National Mall, there’s quite a bit of tourists, but it’s a good mix.”

I'm torn about this one — on the one hand, another Terminator movie seems totally unnecessary, and Terminator Salvation was a powerful argument in favor of just letting the series die.

On the other hand, the basic idea of time-traveling cyborgs wreaking havoc and smashing shit up is just full of boundless possibilities for awesome. And the one major change Salvation did to the Terminator universe was to make it more like Transformers. So why not just embrace it, and make a totally crazypants Terminator movie with giant robots, like pretty much only Michael Bay can? John Connor could be a young guy searching to figure out who he is, with his best friend a quirky cyborg trying to protect him from all the other cyborgs.

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